Sun cover.jpg


  • 200 x 240 cm
  • 2 light-weight carbon fiber tent poles
Lux package.jpg

Luxury Package

  • Lux cushions 10 cm thick with cold foam 50kg/m2
  • Matching design throw pillows
  • Table cloth
Outdoor package.jpg

Outdoor Package

  • Lightweight table for outdoor cooking
  • 2 light-weight camping chairs
Kitchen package.jpg

Kitchen Package

  • Trangia – Ethanol stove
  • Pots, pan, kettle and cooking spoon
  • Light cooler bag
  • Enamel dining set, cutlery and cups, for 2 persons
  • Opinel quality knive set and chopping board
  • Dishwashing bowl with brush and 2 towels
  • 8 liter foldable water container
  • Broom and dustpan
solar power package.jpg

Solar Package

  • On full charge our package provides minimum 12 h usage of fan and light + 2 full charges of mobile phones
  • 47W Italian quality solar cell with build in regulator
  • 12V 24Ah lightweight battery
  • 4 USB ports for charging
  • LED light
  • Fan for ventilation
  • Power indicator and main power switch
  • Control panel on the wall for light and fan